Question: I know it helps my meditation to have an inner cry, but when I have the inner cry I always feel that I can cry more.

Sri Chinmoy: There is no limit to the inner cry. You can just go on, go on, go on. As it progresses, it becomes more intense. But when you get something most delicious, you may not want to eat the whole thing. It is so sweet and so delicious, but you do not feel like eating the whole thing, because it pleases you to know that it is at your disposal. You can eat the rest at any time.

There are two kinds of satisfaction. One is the satisfaction you get after eating the whole fruit; another is the satisfaction you get from knowing that you have something delicious to eat at some other time.

There is another reason why you may not be going to the limit of your inner cry. It is because you feel that you have reached the limit. Or, instead of going to the length, you feel that you have covered a long distance and you have the capacity to cover the rest easily. So you get the joy even without covering the whole distance.