Question: I take the vibration of other people easily. How can I transform this into a divine quality?

Sri Chinmoy: Why do you take the vibration from others if afterwards you are going to suffer from that vibration? It is better, at that time, to close your inner doors and inner windows. How do you close your doors and windows so that you do not get wrong vibrations from others? If you can strengthen your inner being with purity, then it will not happen.

It is when we do not have a sufficient amount of purity that we suffer from the vibrations of others. It does not mean that you have no purity. But when the amount of purity that you have is not enough, then it is very easy for others to attack you.

When you are physically weak, you become susceptible to colds, let us say. In the spiritual world, a cold is impurity. If you become spiritually strong, if you can surcharge yourself with purity, then you will not be susceptible to the vibration of others. Their vibration will not be able to hurt you. You do not have to try to transform or illumine this capacity. You just maintain your purity, and they will not be able to attack you.

It is not good at all to take the vibration from others. You have enough headaches. The load that you have on your shoulders is very, very heavy, so why take others’ loads on your shoulders as well? The best thing is to take care of your own burden, and not to accept anybody’s vibration — good or bad. Remain absolutely neutral and unperturbed. Remain in your own height or in your own depth.

You do not have to try to transform others’ vibration. Just do not accept it. Only keep yourself receptive to the Supreme in me, to your Inner Pilot, to your own aspiration and inner meditation, and do not be receptive at all to others. If you show receptivity, then their forces will come and take shelter in you like thieves. It is very difficult to get rid of these thieves once they have entered into your heart-room.