The forgetful boy and his strict mother

One day a little boy named Jimmy, who was about eight years old, went to school. There were quite a few students in the classroom, and they were having a spelling lesson. The teacher was asking the pupils if they knew how to spell 'laugh'. At that moment, Jimmy asked his teacher, "May I use your phone, Sir?"

The teacher said, "What happened, Jimmy? Are you not feeling well? Is anything wrong? Are you missing your parents?"

"No, no, no! It is not that at all," Jimmy replied.

"Please tell me if anything is wrong. You can use my phone, but I shall be happy if you tell me why you are calling your parents," said the teacher.

"I want to speak to my mother. Last night she became furious with me, since I forgot to take my sweater home from school. She scolded me and insulted me. She said to me, 'Jimmy, listen to me. You are always forgetting something wherever you go. Last week you left your hat at Grandma's house, and I had to drive all the way back just to pick it up. The day before yesterday, you left your lunchbox at school. Yesterday you left at school your textbook that you needed to do your homework. Today you have left your sweater! What am I going to do with you?'

"I promised my mother that I would try harder from now on, but she said, 'No, Jimmy, I must become very strict with you or you will never learn. Today you must bring back your sweater. If not, I will not allow you to come home. I have told you time and again that you must take better care of your things. Today I am drawing the line. Either bring your sweater back home after school or do not come home tonight.' Can you imagine how strict she was!"

The teacher said, "That is just her love for you, Jimmy. She is trying to help you."

"Whatever the reason, I am in big trouble now! I have not been able to find my sweater anywhere. School will be finished in just 30 minutes, so I need to phone my mother to ask her where I am supposed to go now."