Mountain-climbers, always take a guide!

If our mountain-climbers do not have a guide, they must not climb! Recently, three climbers I almost lost. Three divine soldiers, three of my spiritual children I would have lost, had God’s Grace not saved them. Believe me, believe me, it was not only a most serious accident; it was a life-taking experience

Always take a guide, take a guide, take a guide. Today you three are alive. Our Beloved Supreme, out of His Infinite Bounty, has saved you. My soul is always in you, in you, in you — in all those who have accepted me sincerely and soulfully. Today you are alive. In the future, no matter where you go, you need a guide, you need a guide. It was a life-threatening experience that you gave to yourselves. Please, please, please take my words seriously.

Today I am so happy, so happy to have you back in my presence. Never, never, never climb without a guide.

15 May 2005 Aspiration-Ground Jamaica, New York