Beyond the world of reason1

The world of reason is self-partition, self-assertion and self-glorification. Beyond the world of reason is the world of Love-realisation, Oneness-manifestation and God perfection.

In the world of reason, the reasoning mind ignores the inner Light and ridicules the higher Light. Beyond the world of reason, the surrendering heart wants to unite itself with the higher Light and the inner Light for the radical transformation of the earth-consciousness.

Here on earth there are three types of satisfaction: the animal satisfaction, the human satisfaction and the divine satisfaction. The animal and the human satisfaction are far, far below the divine satisfaction. A sincere, genuine seeker of the ultimate Truth must needs go far beyond the world of reason to see the face of supreme satisfaction, to feel the heart of supreme satisfaction.

The animal man in us wants to destroy the world for its satisfaction. The human soul in us wants to govern the world for its satisfaction. The divine being in us wants to love and serve the world for its satisfaction.

There are two types of mind: the human, or physical, mind and the spiritual mind. The physical mind is enmeshed in the gross physical consciousness; therefore, it does not and cannot see the proper truth in its own world. The spiritual mind, which is the illumined or illumining mind, has the capacity to stay in the aspiring heart; therefore, it sees the higher Truth, the Truth of the ever-transcending Beyond, and aspires to grow into this Truth.

The human mind does not like to remain in the aggressive and destructive vital consciousness. Yet this human mind, this physical mind, is afraid of the infinite Vast. It wants to achieve the vastness of the Infinite, and at the same time it is afraid of Infinity. The human mind cares for aesthetic beauty, for poise and balance. The human mind is searching for Truth, for Light, for Reality. But unfortunately, it wants to see the highest Truth in its own limited way. It does not want to transcend itself in order to reach the ultimate Truth. Also, the physical mind wants to examine the highest Truth, which is absurd.

The aspiring inner heart, the psychic heart, knows what it is and what it stands for. It knows that its ultimate realisation lies only in its inseparable identification and oneness with Infinity. The heart knows that even though it is like a tiny drop, when it enters into the mighty ocean it will not lose its identity and personality. On the contrary, its personality and individuality will increase in boundless measure and it will be able to claim the vastness of the sea as its very own. The spiritual mind gets illumination from the soul with the help of the heart. And in the process of its own inner illumination, it wants to go far, far beyond the domain of reason in order to see, feel and grow into the ultimate, transcendental Truth.

The paramount importance of the human mind has, until now, been undeniable. The human mind separated us from the animal kingdom through the process of cosmic evolution. Had there been no awakening of the human mind, the conscious human life could not have blossomed out of the animal kingdom. But now the animal in us has played its role. The human in us, the unaspiring human in us, will complete its role soon. The divine in us has begun, or will soon begin, its role.

The soul, the representative of God on earth will not be satisfied unless and until all the members of its immediate family — the body, the vital, the mind and the heart — march together towards the same goal. The body will serve the Inner Pilot with its dedicated service. The vital will serve the Inner Pilot with its spontaneous determination. The mind will serve the Inner Pilot with its constant search for the Truth-Light of the Beyond. The heart will serve the Inner Pilot with its total and inseparable oneness with the Inner Pilot. When this occurs, all the members of the soul’s family will reach their destination, the destination of Perfection, perfect Perfection on earth.

The transformation of the physical, the transformation of the vital, the transformation of the mind and the transformation of the heart are taking place every day, every hour, every second in each human being. But when a human being consciously aspires, his transformation is quick, convincing and, at the same time, most fulfilling. Therefore, those who pray and meditate are the pioneers in the world of supreme Truth, Light and Delight. In this world, far, far beyond the domain of the physical mind we can perfectly sing the song of supreme Perfection, or we can bring the world of Perfection down into our aspiring and glowing heart through our regular, sincere and devoted surrender to the ultimate Truth.

At the end of our journey’s close we will see that the animal in us has been transformed and the human in us has been transformed and perfected. We will see that the divine in us has carried safely and perfectly the quintessence of our animal and human life and placed it at the Feet of the Supreme. Once we see it placed at the Feet of the Supreme, we can become, here on earth, the direct representatives of the Truth, Light and Delight of the Beyond.

Beyond the world of reason, the Light that we see, feel and want to grow into is the Light of illumination. It is not the light that wants to expose our earthly, limited and deplorable weaknesses. The Upanishads mention that there, in the world beyond reason, the sun shines not. This does not mean that this realm is full of darkness and chaos. No, there the star sun shines not, because that world is self-effulgent. There the perfection of the inner Light, the higher Light the transcendental Light reigns supreme. Seekers of the ultimate Truth eventually enter into that world, the world of transcendental Bliss. When a seeker can establish a free access to that particular world, his heart sings the glory of that world’s supreme secret:

“No mind, no form, I only exist…”

This “I” is not the earthbound “I”, the ego. This “I” is the universal Self, which is birthless and deathless. This is the “I” that comes to the fore when the Divine Lover in us realises the supreme Beloved.

In this world, far beyond the domain of reason, God’s Vision and God’s Reality together live. God’s Vision is the cosmic seed, and God’s Reality is the universal tree.

  1. THN 18. Dag Hammarskjold Lecture Series, Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium, 9 November 1973.