Idea and ideal; the Real and the Eternal

Idea is man’s preparation. Ideal is man’s progression. The Real is man’s illumination. The Eternal is man’s realisation.

Idea is in the mind. Ideal is in the central being. The Real is in the life of existence. The Eternal is in the Soul.

Idea imagines the Truth. Ideal gets a glimpse of the Truth. The Real possesses the Truth. The Eternal is the Truth.

The idea of an unaspiring man is weak, very weak. His ideal is low, very low. His reality is obscure, quite obscure. His eternity is uncertain, quite uncertain.

The idea of an aspiring man is strong, very strong. His ideal is high, very high. His reality is clear, quite clear. His eternity is certain, quite certain. His idea is as strong as a giant. His ideal is as high as Mount Everest. His reality is as clear as daylight. His eternity is as certain as his present living breath. An idea knows how to rush forward. An ideal knows how to soar above. The Real knows how to evolve without, from within. The Eternal knows how to glow in the finite and in the Infinite.

Idea tells us, “Awake, arise! You have slept for a long time. It is high time for you to get up.” Ideal tells us, “Go and wash yourself, purify yourself. Get ready to study, you have to study.” The Real tells us, “Study, cultivate your inner life. Discover the Divine within you, the immortal within you, the Infinite within you.” The Eternal tells us, “I have a short message for you, my children. You have come from me, the Ever-Unknowable, and you are for me. The unknowable in me you will transform into the unknown; the unknown in me you will transform into the knowable; and the knowable in me you will transform into the known for the earth-aspiration and earth-consciousness.

Conference Room 9

January 26, 1974

Sri Chinmoy, The tears of nation-hearts.First published by Agni Press in 1974.

This is the 140th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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