Who are we?1

Who are we? We are doubters. We are believers. We are discoverers. We are knowers. We are transformers. We are lovers. We are fulfillers.

We are doubters. We doubt our inner dream. We doubt our outer reality. God says to us, “Attention, you doubters! Don’t doubt. Your blue-gold dreams are coming from Me. Your green-red realities are running towards Me.”

We are believers. We believe that we are helpless and fruitless. God says to us, “Attention, you believers! Your belief is wrong. You are not helpless and fruitless. My Concern is there for you, to help you all the time. My Compassion cares for you, to make your life fruitful at every moment.”

We are discoverers. We have discovered that Truth and Light are far beyond our reach. God says to us, “Attention, you discoverers! Your discoveries are all wrong. I have discovered Truth and Light on your behalf. Truth is what you have. Light is what you are.”

We are knowers. We know much about things. We know little about ourselves. We know least about God. God says to us, “Attention, you knowers! You know that it is I who have created all things. You know that it is you who create Me every day in you. You know that it is I who am the perfect slave of your constant desires.”

We are transformers. We want to transform doubt into belief, fear into strength, bondage into freedom. God says to us, “Attention, you transformers! I am so glad that you want to transform doubt into belief, fear into strength, bondage into freedom. I wish you also to try to transform the life of the finite into the Life of the Infinite.”

We are lovers. We love beauty’s body, beauty’s soul and beauty’s goal. God says to us, “Attention, you lovers! Beauty’s body is good. Beauty’s soul is better. Beauty’s goal is by far the best. Beauty’s body is an aspiring child. Beauty’s soul is the illumining Father. Beauty’s goal is the fulfilling Mother.”

We are fulfillers. We want to fulfil Heaven on earth, and earth in Heaven. God says to us, “Attention, you fulfillers! You want to fulfil Heaven and earth. It is a splendid ideal. But I wish to say that until you have fulfilled Me, you cannot fulfil Heaven and earth. In order to fulfil Me, you have to cry in your heart ceaselessly and soar smilingly and everlastingly.”

We say to God, “O Father, O Mother, O Friend Eternal, we see that we started our journey as doubters and shall end our journey as fulfillers.”

God says to us, “My sweet children, you are mistaken. You started your journey as the distributors of My Light and My Life-Force, and you will complete your journey as the builders of My Body-Consciousness on earth.”

  1. THN 9. Conference Room 10, 23 February 1973.