Editor's preface to the first edition

Using concentrative powers developed through meditation, Sri Chinmoy wrote the 843 poems in this volume in a 24-hour period — from midnight to midnight on November 1, 1975. This surpasses his previous record of 360 poems written in one day on 28 April of last year and published under the title The Goal Is Won.

When Sri Chinmoy endeavours to set new records of this kind, he does so out of childlike enthusiasm, for the pure joy of it. Also, such achievements become a means for inspiring humanity and demonstrating how much a human being is capable of when he invokes God to work in and through him.

Several of Sri Chinmoy's disciples remained with the Master throughout the writing marathon, transcribing the poems from his handwritten notebooks or from his dictaphone. Others worked around the clock at the printing press, and the book in its final printed form was completed less than 24 hours after the volume was finished.