Permission to cross the seas

Just before he was due to leave for America, Vivekananda decided that he would cross the seas only after having some concrete indications from his Master, Sri Ramakrishna. It had been seven years since Sri Ramakrishna had left the body. Vivekananda waited and waited for a sign from his Master, but in vain. At last he argued that his spiritual Mother and the Master were one and the same and so he decided to seek Sarada Devi's permission to go abroad.

Accordingly, from Madras he wrote a letter to Sarada Devi. By the time he received a reply from her, he had had a most significant dream in which he saw Sri Ramakrishna proceed to the West over the waves and waters. In the dream, Sri Ramakrishna was beckoning Vivekananda to follow him. This Vivekananda took for approval of his plan.

Presently he received wholehearted permission and blessings from his spiritual Mother. Now all Vivekananda's doubts vanished. With redoubled faith, he was able to undertake his historic voyage.