Leonardo da Vinci's vision

Leonardo da Vinci had tremendous fondness for flying. He was all affection for birds. He used to buy them in large numbers only to set them free and watch them fly. He was fascinated by their flight.

For a long time, he wanted to make an aeroplane. With greatest difficulty, he succeeded in making a model of a flying machine that would be propelled by the wind, and he made up his mind that on a certain day he would fly. Alas, one of his pupils, Zoroaste de Peretolo, was clever enough or foolish enough to steal the aeroplane and he himself tried to fly it. As ill luck would have it, he went up a little and then fell down and paid the price. He broke one of his legs.

So the poor artist was saved from his own creation. But who can deny da Vinci's vision? He could not transform it into reality, but later on, human beings did make aeroplanes and fly in them.

Today's vision is tomorrow's reality. Vision may take time before it manifests itself into reality. But vision is always appreciable and admirable.