God the slave

One day God appeared before a certain seeker with folded hands and began bowing to the seeker again and again.

The seeker was simply shocked. He cried out, "God, what are You doing? What are You doing?"

God made no reply. He only bowed down and touched the feet of the seeker.

"God, You have gone crazy, crazy!" shouted the seeker in disbelief.

This time God spoke. He said, "No, I am not crazy."

"Then please explain Your behaviour to me, God," begged the seeker. "How can You touch my feet? How can You stand in front of me with folded hands? What does it mean?"

Finally, God answered him: "Every day you demand something from me. You tell me, 'God, give me this, give me that; give me this, give me that!' Your demands and commands have no beginning and no end. Every day you command Me to do so many things. Who can issue commands? Only he who is superior. One can only command someone who is subordinate, like a slave. So I have become your slave.

"Since you have made Me your slave, I have to stand in front of you with folded hands and touch your feet. At every moment you are commanding Me to give you this and give you that. Therefore, you must be superior to Me. That is why I have come with folded hands and why I am touching your feet again and again. It is you who have made Me your slave."