Rembrandt's love for his monkey

The great artist Rembrandt was extremely attached to his possessions. One of his possessions was a pet monkey. He was extremely fond of this monkey and, alas, when it died, he felt extremely miserable, to say the least. A strong desire haunted him for some time. He wanted to keep some kind of remembrance of this monkey.

Once, a couple came to Rembrandt's studio for their portrait. The artist did a very good job. Then he begged them to allow him to paint from memory a picture of his pet monkey in the portrait. The couple said, "No, it cannot be done. We do not want your monkey to be in the picture with us."

Rembrandt insisted and insisted, but the couple did not listen to his request. Nevertheless, he drew the monkey's picture in the portrait. As soon as they saw what he had done, the couple became furious. They left the artist's studio without taking the picture.

So Rembrandt's love for his monkey far surpassed his love for name, fame and money-power. And he cherished that painting for the rest of his life.