Sarada Devi's dream

One day, towards the end of his earthly sojourn, Sri Ramakrishna asked Sarada Devi, "Do you have dreams?"

She replied, "Yes, I do. Just last night I had a dream. In the dream, I saw Mother Kali standing in front of me. She was keeping her neck bent to one side. I asked Mother Kali why she had her neck bent. She said, 'My son is suffering so much in his throat, so I am suffering the same way.' "

Sri Ramakrishna said to Sarada Devi, "It is absolutely true. Mother Kali and I are suffering together. But I tell you, since I am going through all this suffering which you were all supposed to suffer, you do not have to suffer. My Mother has sent me into the world to take upon myself the suffering of the world."