A vision in the Ganges

This experience occurred after Sri Ramakrishna had left his physical body. One night Sarada Devi was seated by the Ganges. The scene was flooded with moonlight. All of a sudden, she saw Sri Ramakrishna entering into the Ganges. His whole body melted into the water. Then Vivekananda appeared. He was chanting Jai Ramakrishna, jai Ramakrishna! [Victory to Ramakrishna, victory to Ramakrishna!]

Sarada Devi saw that with his two hands, Vivekananda was scattering the water of the Ganges on the heads of countless people and they were all being liberated. It was an unimaginable gathering.

Then Sarada Devi said to herself, "How can I enter into the water with my legs and feet now that it has become Thakur?" So for many days she did not enter into the Ganges.