Question: What should be our attitude towards expectation?

Sri Chinmoy: When we give in the spiritual life, there should be very little expectation. The Supreme is really kind, affectionate and compassionate. Naturally He will contact you. You don’t have to cry for appreciation. Ordinary people cry with expectation because they know that in the outer world if they give a dollar then they will get the equivalent of that dollar. But in the spiritual life we are all clever people. God is the only fool. He gives us much more than we give Him. For that reason depression should not come. If it does come, then you can throw it out of yourself. If it comes for one, two or three minutes, then think of it as something dirty like ink. Then you throw it away. But if you do it this way, by thinking that it is filthy and throwing it out of yourself, you won’t be able to conquer it. Depression will come back again and again. For two months or three months or two days you will be free, but again it will come back unless and until it is illumined. The best way is to bring light forward and then illumine your depression.