Question: How can I become more coordinated?

Sri Chinmoy: Some of the disciples display a lack of coordination because unconsciously they want to draw the attention of others in some way or other. They are not consciously doing it. The unconscious part in them has developed some capacity to put on a performance and the conscious part is embarrassed. The conscious part says: “What will people think?” while the unconscious part draws great pleasure.

Another theory is that people are clumsy when the coordination of the physical, the vital and the mind is lacking. When you drop something, your mind is fully aware of it, but the mind has forgotten that it needs the help of the physical to hold that thing. The mind separates its reality from the physical proper. It is as if a boss asks the worker to lift something very heavy. The worker will do it, but if the boss has to lift it, he can’t. The boss needs the help of his worker. Likewise, the mind has to take help from the physical and tell the physical, “Hold it.” But if there is a yawning gap between the mind and the physical, then there is a lack of coordination between the physical and the mind proper. There should be a smoothness, a kind of coordination. You have to pull the mind and the physical together. The two brothers, body and mind, must be put together and they must work together.