Question: How can I offer my ignorance to the Supreme?

Sri Chinmoy: How can you offer your ignorance to the Supreme? Please take ignorance as something precious in your life. Then feel that you are ready to give to the Supreme the things that you consider are most precious in your life. If you want to offer something to the person you love most, or to the only person whom you love, you feel that you are ready to give him the most precious thing that you have. Now, unfortunately, what happens? Sometimes you think that ignorance is something that you can get rid of at any time. Sometimes you are terribly afraid of ignorance, and other times you are not afraid of it at all. Sometimes you feel that you have to try to overcome it, and sometimes you feel that it is at your command. But instead of pulling in that way, try to feel that your ignorance is something most precious. Now, when you see your beloved, what do you do? You try to give him the most precious thing that you have in order to please him. So when you see the Supreme, your most beloved Person on earth and in Heaven, you try to give Him the thing that you consider most precious. So think of ignorance at that time as your most precious possession. Feel also that you have been a miser all your life. You have hoarded all this most precious wealth, but now you are giving it to Him. You say, “I am giving what I have. This is the only thing that I have as my own cherished treasure. Now I am offering it to you.” In that way, if you give it once as your cherished treasure, then it does not come back. Otherwise, if you think that it is something insignificant that you can conquer easily, or if you think of it as something dangerous, then there are so many ways that it can enter into your mind. So the easiest and most effective way to offer your ignorance is to give utmost importance to it. Feel that it is the only treasure that you have to give. You have to feel, “Let me give the thing that I have been cherishing and treasuring all my life to the Supreme.” Then you can claim that the Supreme is all yours, because you have given Him everything that you consider your own.