The Pilot Supreme

To the truth-seeker, peace-lover, oneness-dreamer, perfection-builder, satisfaction-harbinger; to the supreme Pilot in the Secretary-General, Kurt Waldheim, we offer our soulful gratitude-heart.

When the seeker in me concentrates on the illumination-mind, meditates on the oneness-heart and contemplates on the satisfaction-soul of the Secretary-General, he gets three most earth-liberating and Heaven-fulfilling messages. These messages primarily deal with divine necessity and human responsibility in connection with the cry of the world-body — the United Nations — and the smile of the world-soul — the United Nations.

The message of the illumination-mind of the Secretary-General runs thus: When a human being goes deep within and wants to make friends with necessity, necessity immediately wants to become his friend. Necessity and he become close friends. They have one ideal, one goal, and that ideal is satisfaction, that goal is perfection.

Then a human being goes without and as soon as he comes out, responsibility wants to make friends with him. He does not want responsibility to be his friend, but responsibility compels him to become its friend. Unwillingly, with great reluctance, he condescends to become responsibility’s friend. Responsibility’s ideal and responsibility’s goal he does not sincerely like, but he is compelled to love responsibility’s ideal and goal just because he has agreed to accept responsibility as his friend. Responsibility’s ideal is to work for others and to be satisfied in others’ satisfaction. Responsibility’s goal is to work for others’ perfection and to find one’s own perfection in their perfection.

In the human world, necessity inspires a human being, educates him and prepares him. In the human world, responsibility frustrates him, tortures him and weakens him. In the divine world there is no such thing as compelled responsibility or self-styled responsibility. There is no responsibility whatsoever. There is only one necessity and that necessity is at once illumining and fulfilling. Again, there is a third world, which is God’s own self-transcendence world. In God’s own self-transcendence world there is no such thing as responsibility; there is not even necessity. In God’s world there is only one thing: satisfaction-reality.

Countless wants each individual has; but there can be only one necessity if that individual is sincere to himself, sincere to the world and sincere to God, and that necessity is God’s Smile. Countless obligations each individual has; but there is and there can be only one true responsibility, and that responsibility lies in our sincere effort to fulfil the real need of the world and not its wants or demands.

Necessity is self-enquiry for God-discovery. Responsibility is world-education for world-perfection.

Necessity is a one-way street. Here the doer and the action go together. Here the dream of the individual seeker and the reality of the individual seeker live together in perfect harmony, complementing and fulfilling each other.

Responsibility is a two-way street. Here the giver is an individual and the receiver is another individual, and there comes a time when they meet together. When the receiver receives, at times he may be grateful; at times he may not be grateful at all. When the giver gives, at times he may be soulful and at times he may be anything but soulful. But the giver and the receiver meet together at a particular point, at a particular place. The giver either willingly or unwillingly gives and the receiver either gratefully or ungratefully receives. In responsibility there is always a division: two entities, two realities — giver and receiver. In necessity there is only the song of oneness. Here two become one, three become one, four become one; for all of them have one soul and one goal.

The message of the Secretary-General’s oneness-heart runs thus: the demanding world tells us that it is the responsibility of the United Nations to bring about world peace since it bears the name “United Nations.” The demanding world always claims that in order to prove its worth, the United Nations must bring about world peace. This is the truth that the demanding world offers us. But the loving world has something else to tell. The loving world tells us that it is the necessity of the world at large, of the entire world, to have peace, to have love, to have harmony. The United Nations is a member of the world family. The world houses the United Nations. In the case of the United Nations, a member of the world family is most sincerely willing to try to bring peace to all the other members of the family. It is the world-necessity that the United Nations has accepted as its own necessity. This is not responsibility; it is necessity. So the loving world feels a most prominent, qualified member of its family has accepted the world-necessity as its own necessity and is trying its utmost to bring about world peace according to the world’s willingness.

In a family there are parents and children. The United Nations can be called a strong young man in the family. The parents or, let us say, the oldest members of the family or the old nations — these the United Nations can keep on its shoulders perfectly safe. And the new nations, the young children, its younger brothers and sisters — these the United Nations can keep beside itself. The parents are satisfied when their strong young boy places them on his shoulders and takes them to the destination, and the little members of the family are also satisfied when they can go alongside their strong brother and reach the destination with him. And what is their destination? World-progress is their destination, world-satisfaction is their destination. So the old nations and the young nations can perfectly be carried to their destination with love, sympathy and inner capacity, provided they claim the United Nations as a real, true, genuine member of their family. The capacity of the United Nations is nothing short of its world-embracing and world-illumining vision.

The message of the Secretary-General’s satisfaction-soul runs thus: compromise is not and cannot be the real answer to the world’s problems. Compromise, the breath of compromise, is very short-lived. It is like a fleeting second. What is needed, what is of paramount importance, is oneness, not compromise. What is compromise? If you don’t speak ill of me, I shall not speak ill of you. If you keep silent, then I shall also keep silent; or if you do this, I shall do this and if you don’t do that, then I won’t do that. This is compromise.

But in oneness we notice something else. In oneness we see that two individuals become absolutely inseparably one for their oneness-satisfaction, even though they are performing two different tasks. One can remain silent and the other can talk. One speaks what he has to say and the other listens devotedly and soulfully; then they change their respective roles. In oneness, each can play the role of multiplicity. With one hand I can do something to please my mind and with the other hand I can do something to please my body. I can please my eyes and, at the same time, I can please my ears. I can look at you and appreciate your beauty and, at the same time, I can hear what you have to say. The soul of the United Nations teaches us the most sublime truth that two individuals or all individuals can do something according to their own capacity, their own willingness, their own receptivity, and still please all the members of their spiritual family. It is like an orchestra. There are many players, and each player is playing a different instrument. But each player is needed. On the piano, each key is needed. We cannot say that one is enough, for then there will be no music. All the keys are necessary. Similarly, all the members of the United Nations are necessary. They will produce different notes, but they have to go together if there is to be a musical symphony. In this way there can be real oneness in variety; in this way the world can achieve peace in multiplicity.

Again, each nation need not play the same note all the time. Silence and sound: this is what God eternally is. When it is necessary for some nation to see the face of reality-silence, that nation has to remain silent. When a particular nation feels it is necessary to see the face of reality-sound, it will enter into the life of action. Action and inaction, sound and silence, must go together. On one level these two things are diametrically opposite — action and inaction, sound and silence — but in the deepest reality-existence they are one. Dream-world and reality-world, sound-world and silence-world complement each other and fulfil each other.

The United Nations is playing a most important role in seeking to establish world harmony, world peace, world oneness, world divinity, world perfection and God-satisfaction. The outer world says that the United Nations is not strong enough, but the inner world has something else to say. The inner world says that the real capacity of the United Nations is its willingness, its inner cry. The United Nations is crying for world peace; and this very act of crying is its real capacity. It has no other capacity. The way of oneness that cries to lead us to the ultimate destination: this is the United Nations. The cry itself is its capacity and this capacity is of supreme importance.

True, this capacity cannot or does not meet with satisfaction-reality all at once. I have the capacity to run, let us say, but I am not at the destination. I have just left the starting point; my goal is still ahead. Capacity does not mean immediate success or immediate victory. Capacity is a continuous movement that eventually leads us to our destined goal. So right now the United Nations, which is the supreme human and divine necessity — God’s necessity on earth to bring about world peace — is a cry, a movement, a forward march, a forward adventure. A runner is running. Just because the runner has not reached the goal, this does not mean that the runner will fail. There is an appointed hour and at that appointed hour, which is God’s choice Hour, the inner dream — the real dream — of the United Nations will be transformed into reality. This is necessity, the inner necessity of the soul of the United Nations and also its God-ordained responsibility. Self-imposed responsibility, self-styled responsibility, does not last more than a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, a few months, a few years. But God-ordained responsibility is like Eternity’s own necessity.

What the United Nations has for the world is a dream. In the outer world it is running slowly, steadily and unerringly. But in the inner world it is running fast, faster, fastest. No matter how fast it runs in the inner world, it will not lose its balance. And in the outer world, no matter how slowly it is running, it is bound to reach its destination, for it is running steadily and unerringly. The outer goal it will one day reach, and at the same time the world will notice it. It may take a very short time or it may take a very long time; it all depends on world-receptivity. But in the inner world it will reach its destination very soon, because the inner progress of the United Nations is most satisfactory. In the inner world the dream of the United Nations, like a deer, has the fastest speed. But the necessity that the United Nations has accepted as its own will ultimately be fulfilled in both the inner world and the outer world, for this necessity is nothing short of God-ordained responsibility. And this is every day being engraved in the hearts of the world-loving nations at the United Nations and the hearts of the world-seekers who want only truth-reality to be manifested in individual souls, in individual nations, in collective souls, in collective nations. Peace, which is real satisfaction, will loom large one day, for it is the only choice which the individual and the collective body have, the only choice that God wants, that humanity wants, that the real existence in us wants. All want the same thing: satisfaction-peace, peace-satisfaction; oneness in multiplicity and multiplicity in oneness. There is no conflict; there are only different branches, millions of flowers, leaves and fruits on the everlasting Life-Tree.