A meeting with the Secretary-General on 7 March 1977

As soon as I entered into his office, the Secretary-General came to the door. With a smiling face and a warm heart, he said, “Good morning.”

I said to him also, “Good morning.” Then we shook hands and, for a few seconds, both of us remained in a contemplative mood. Then he signalled me to sit down. He also sat. He was in a very deep and, at the same time, benevolent mood. I offered the book to him and he looked at the cover and said, “Ah, here is my dear friend, my humane friend. I had the greatest admiration for him. In simple and genuine modesty he surpassed us all. Nobody knew how he sacrificed his life to bring about world peace, world understanding, practically to the end of his life. He carried a tremendous load on his shoulders. He suffered and suffered for humanity. His vision was so clear and, at the same time, so broad.”

At this point I turned to page thirteen where his own comment on U Thant was. He read the whole page very carefully, completely absorbed, and then said, “He was really great. I talked to him many, many times while I was serving my country as Ambassador. He inspired me in so many ways. His heart never wanted to compromise to the wrong and destructive forces of the world. Slowly and steadily he did everything. His great responsibilities at the United Nations did affect his health. His death was a tragic end. We all dearly miss him. His steady vision for the world community is still inspiring us. I personally am extremely, extremely grateful to him.”

Then I said to him, “As you know, everything has a divine sanction. We are extremely grateful to God, for He has given us you to steer the Boat of the United Nations so devotedly, speedily, surprisingly and successfully. I always see you as God’s lightning speed. Today you are here, tomorrow you are there and the day after tomorrow elsewhere. Your penetrating vision not only enters into the world problems, but also solves the problems of the world most miraculously. In you I always see a divinely inspired miracle-man. You see, you touch and you cure the suffering heart of humanity.”

Then he said to me, “I am so sincerely grateful to you for your encouraging words. This world needs only one thing: co-operation. U Thant gave his all to bring about world co-operation. I am trying to do the same with all my heart’s concern and love for humanity. You are also doing the same with your prayer and meditation at the United Nations. I am sincerely grateful to you, for you are offering your depth and vision to the United Nations through the Meditation Group.”

Then I told him, “Every day I pray for you, for your success; I pray that the world will accept your most illumining light. On Tuesdays and Fridays, in the special meditations we hold here at the United Nations, I regularly offer my gratitude-heart to your world-illumining soul. I have started writing a book about you and I hope to be able to offer it to you the way I am offering you this book on U Thant.”

He said, “You know, in the coming few months I shall be extremely busy, but I am sure I will be able to set aside some time for you as I have done today.”

I said, “I know. I know how extremely busy you are with the world problems. My mind knows it and my heart feels it. It is your heart’s magnanimity that has granted me this rare opportunity to offer you this book.”

Then he said, “Oh no, I am extremely happy to see you and to have you here with me. It is very nice and kind of you to write something about me. By the way, please be in touch with Mr Rohan. He will be able to assist you, if you need any special information about me. Again, I wish to say it was extremely thoughtful of you to present to me my best friend. I miss him; we all miss him. Indeed, he was our true friend.”

At this time he stood up and I stood up. I folded my hands, and his eyes were extremely soulful. Then I shook hands with him. He came to the door and, placing his left hand on my right shoulder and holding my right hand, he said to me, “Please tell the members of your Meditation Group that I am sending them my greetings.”

I said to him, “I shall do that. I am offering you on behalf of our Meditation Group our heart’s deepest gratitude.”