The disciples' jealousy

In the ordinary human life, we see jealousy and we feel jealousy. At the time, we are not conscious of what jealousy is or whether we want to transcend it. In the spiritual life, we want to conquer everything that is damaging to us or that is creating any kind of sadness or sorrow in our spiritual Master’s heart. When a Master sees jealousy in a disciple, he immediately gets a tremendous blow. He wants to see his own thought in the disciple’s life, and his own life in the disciple’s existence. But when he sees jealousy in his disciple, then the Master feels sad because that particular disciple had promised him that he would cry for perfection and try to go beyond his limitation. But the Master does not separate himself from the disciple because the disciple is now suffering from or cherishing jealousy. He cannot separate himself from this weakness which he sees in the disciple.

Jealousy exists because the disciple feels that the Master only cares for others. But if the seeker feels that he and the Master are absolutely one, then there can be no jealousy. The easiest way to conquer jealousy is to feel that your Master has a body and that body is composed of the disciples’ aspiration. Each disciple must feel that I belong entirely to him. Each individual should feel that he or she belongs to me and is a limb of my body. My right hand cannot be jealous of my nose, even though the nose is not doing the same things that the hand does. The hand has to perform its duty, and the nose has to perform its duty. In the spiritual life, the disciple can conquer jealousy by becoming one with the Guru outwardly and inwardly. When a disciple becomes one with the Master outwardly and inwardly, he feels that he is nothing other than the direct representative of the Master. He feels his total oneness with the Master. So my disciples can easily overcome jealousy if they can stay in my all-loving boundless consciousness.

In various ways, I appreciate the disciples’ service for the Divine and the Supreme in me. Sometimes I bless them and appreciate them in the outer world. But if I appreciate someone on the outer plane, ego will come forward in some cases, all his aspiration will be destroyed. In ninety-nine cases out of one hundred, disciples fall like anything when I appreciate outwardly. Sometimes outer recognition is a curse. It is inner recognition that is the greatest blessing. So when my disciples do something for me, my physical body, my physical mouth, may not appreciate them, but my soul, which is all knowledge and wisdom, will appreciate them. The inner world is very vast and in that inner world I do appreciate each of them. Every disciple of mine can feel my inner blessingful recognition. Inner recognition I give the moment somebody thinks of doing something for me. Before he even acts, I offer my inner appreciation.

When you get outer recognition, immediately forces from others come in and try to disturb you. A short time ago I appreciated an individual most soulfully, most powerfully. Right from that day onward, that particular person descended like anything. Inwardly I have appreciated that person hundreds of times. Yet the moment others heard it, his own pride and vanity came to the fore; jealousy and wrong forces from others also entered him. There are disciples who do not bring anything material to me. In the outer world, they have nothing to show me, but inwardly they have offered me their heart. This pure heart is immeasurably precious to me. Again, there are disciples who have offered me money, help and assistance in various ways but inside this money and help there is no heart and inside their service there is no heart.

When a disciple does something great for me and I appreciate his achievement outwardly, if a third person sees it, at that time he should identify with the consciousness of the person who is offering his achievement to me, and he should feel that it was he himself who had achieved the thing. If the disciple can feel that the achievement of his brother disciple or sister disciple is the result of his own aspiration, then there can be no jealousy. Alternately, if the disciple can enter into my consciousness and stay inside me, then he will see that with me he himself is blessing the person who achieved the thing. If he wants to bless him then he can enter into me and be one with me. At that time, his own higher light and wisdom will devour his jealousy.

Again, the person who is being blessed has to immediately enter into my consciousness and become one with me. The person to whom I am showing attention will enter into me with his achievement, and I in turn will enter into him with my recognition of his merit.

I wish all my disciples to remain in my consciousness. This is not a difficult thing, but unfortunately some people are afraid of me, some consciously misunderstand me, others feel that I am making mistakes and that they have the wisdom to correct me. They feel I may be showing partiality to someone, so they want to correct me. This is impossible.

Unfortunately, in the West I have come across a particular kind of jealousy. Here a mother is jealous of her daughter and a father is jealous of his son. I am shocked; yet I have witnessed this with my own eyes. In the case of a spiritual Master, the spiritual father, it is otherwise. Since I am the spiritual father for my disciples, my very existence depends on their acceptance, on their aspiration and on their oneness with me.