First we have to know which wall we are talking about. Is it the wall of fear, doubt, feelings of inferiority, insecurity or misunderstanding? If your Master says something and you interpret it in your own way, then you are erecting a wall of misunderstanding. When I say something, you have to feel that it is absolutely for your own good. Outwardly it may appear to be most painful and your doubting mind may say it is harmful to you. But if you have complete faith in your Master and his spiritual judgement, then you will see that it is only for your ultimate realisation that your Master has told you this. If you have that kind of feeling, then the wall of misunderstanding will immediately break down.

If the wall is insecurity, you have to ask yourself why you feel insecure after you have sincerely dedicated yourself to your Master. If you have the feeling that you are totally dedicated to the Supreme, then that feeling undoubtedly has more power than your insecurity. You have to practise sincerity in your life, in your actions and in your dedication. Just saying, “I shall not be afraid,” means nothing. Instead, you have to feel that you are always ready to do anything your Master wants you to do. Only then will insecurity go away. Security comes from identification with somebody higher than yourself. If I am an inch higher than you, then you are bound to get security from me. In this way, the way of identification and faith in the Master, these “walls” vanish from our lives.