Expansion conquers fear

The cause of fear is a sense of separation. When we go beyond our own boundaries without enlarging or expanding our consciousness, we feel that we are alienated and everybody is a stranger to us. But when we practise Yoga, we try to expand our consciousness. And while expanding, a time comes when our consciousness pervades the length and breadth of the world. With our conscious awareness we become one, totally one with the universe, with the universal Reality. Then from the universal Reality, the universal Light, we get boundless Power. With this Power, we can never be afraid of any individual or any circumstances.

This method is difficult. Sometimes it is very arduous and uncertain if we are wanting in tremendous determination. But we have to expand our consciousness consciously, soulfully and most powerfully; and in this way we can conquer fear.

Through expansion, when we pervade the entire world, when we feel our very breath in other beings, in the entire universe, then we cannot be afraid of any thing. Through the expansion of our limited consciousness, our physical consciousness, our earth-bound consciousness, we can conquer fear.