Fear's transformer: light

Fear means darkness. When you are afraid of something, either your mind or your vision is blocked you cannot see and immediately you are caught by fear. When darkness is all around, you are all fear. If the room is totally dark, you may be afraid that someone will come and stab you. But if the room is well-illumined, you can see that there is nobody there. Nobody is listening: you are all alone. Now our spiritual life is illumined not because of the electric light, but because of our soul’s light. If light is there, it will immediately illumine darkness, which is taking the form of fear.

How can we deal with fear? We can deal with fear by making friends with our soul’s light. If we think of our soul’s light as our eternal helper, partner, saviour, then immediately it will come to rescue us and fight against our fear.

We must not be afraid of the soul’s light. Some people, instead of approaching the light, are afraid of their own saviour. Although they want to achieve light and see light, they feel that they will be exposed if the light manifests itself before them. On the contrary, light will not expose; it will only illumine.

The soul is all light. The body is full of ignorance, limitation and imperfection. From the soul we can bring forward the soul’s light, which will permeate our outer existence. Then there will be no fear. Fear is in the physical, not in the soul. If we can become consciously one with our soul, we will see that fear has no existence in our life.

Some people are afraid that the spiritual Master will use his light to expose their weaknesses. But the moment they have faith in the Master, the feeling arises within them, “It is my concern to be good and it is my Master’s concern to make me good.” Then there will be no fear. The moment you think you have done something wrong, please feel that it is your Master’s concern, infinitely more than your own, to make you perfect. Then you will have no fear. Fear comes because you feel, “I will be exposed. I have to change so much.” First of all, you will not be exposed. And change is achieved not with your effort but with your Master’s power, with his compassion. First you have to feel that ninety-nine per cent of the work will be done by his concern and compassion and one per cent by your own effort. Then, finally, you will feel that even your iota of effort has come through the Master. At that time, no matter how close the light is, there can be no fear.

If you can bring light into your system, then it will be all illumination. Your entire being, your entire existence will be flooded with light. If you invoke light and meditate on light, then automatically you will see your inner path. The part of you that is unlit, obscure and impure will easily become purified and illumined. Then there can be no fear.