Love knows no fear

A child knows one way to conquer fear and that way is through love. We have to feel like God’s child, all the time seated in His lap. A child has no fear because consciously or unconsciously he is always bringing his soul to the fore. He feels that he has his mother and father to protect him. An additional force he feels consciously behind him. But when we grow up, we feel there is nobody to think of us, take care of us or look after us. When we are thirteen or fourteen years old we begin to feel our responsibility. We have to do everything. At the same time, we feel that everybody is deserting us. In every way we feel slighted during adolescence.

We are afraid of God because we feel that He is omnipotent and impersonal. But again, our inner wisdom tells us that He is not standing in front of us with an iron rod at every moment. He is standing before us with all His Love and because of His Love we are drawn towards Him. His very Love is His omnipotent Power. Is there any power that can conquer the universe? The universe, God’s entire creation, can be conquered only by His Love.

We see that with our human love we may conquer people, but afterwards frustration looms large with many other problems. But when we offer an iota of divine love, we can enter into the hearts of hundreds of human beings and feel safe. We feel that we have built homes in hundreds of hearts through our divine love.

When we love God as our very own and enter into Him, our Source, and into His creation, we conquer fear. When the Creator is pleased with us, when the Creator takes care of us, we need not be afraid of His creation because the Creator is infinitely more powerful than His creation. When we think of our Almighty Father, the Divine, the Absolute, the Infinite, we have to think of Him as all Love.