Fear in the vital and mental worlds

Fear in the vital world is not as dangerous as fear in the mental world. When the vital is afraid of something, the vital is ready to fight. First it is afraid of someone or something. Then immediately it tries to fight. It thinks that the other person or thing will come and strike first. So before it is attacked, the vital strikes. Invariably it loses the battle. And when it loses, the vital surrenders immediately. When somebody’s vital is dissatisfied with me, it immediately strikes me very hard. Then when the vital sees I am infinitely stronger, it surrenders. The physical fear also takes a very short time to surrender.

But when in the mind somebody is dissatisfied with me, that person takes time to strike: a few minutes, a few hours, a few days or a few months. The mind can wait a very long time; it waits for the opportunity to strike the Master. Slowly, steadily and secretly it strikes. But once it has struck and it is conquered, the mind does not surrender. The mind has very little fear. And when it sees that the other person has defeated it, even then, it has no fear. Again, tomorrow it will gain strength to come and strike.

Of all the fears, physical, vital and mental, the strongest and most stubborn is mental fear. The vital surrenders to the heart much sooner than the mind. The vital comes with impurity and obscurity, but it has enthusiasm to do something, to become something. The vital is ready to become a naughty boy. The mind does not want to be known as a naughty boy, yet at the same time the mind is ready to play all kinds of tricks. It is beneath its dignity to be a naughty boy but it is constantly doing the actions of a naughty boy, through jealousy, worries, doubt and other qualities. The vital sometimes is very naughty, aggressive, restless and stubborn, but all of a sudden it sits at the feet of the heart and says, “Brother, I am now tired, exhausted. I need rest. Only inside you can I take rest.” But even if the mind is tired and exhausted, it will hide. It will not show its tiredness so that it can hide and strike the heart at any moment.

So fear in the vital world we can conquer much sooner than fear in the mind: The vital surrenders at the end of its fight. The mind, at the end of the fight, craves another battle even though it has lost the battle against the heart, against the reality.