Part I — Interview with United Press International

UN 1-3. On 15 June 1977, Sri Chinmoy was interviewed at the United Nations by a reporter from the worldwide news service, United Press International. Following are excerpts from that interview.

UPI: You said once that honesty and frankness are the birthright of the West, humility and devotion are the birthright of the East, and the combination of these four powers should be the ideal of a human being. What do you mean by this?

Sri Chinmoy: When these qualities, the good qualities of the East and the good qualities of the West, are all combined, a human being can be perfect. Right now the good qualities that the East has are not enough. Similarly, the good qualities that the West has are not enough. But when we can amalgamate them, when we can have the qualities of both worlds, then an individual can become perfect. Right now, the West wants to proceed with only honesty and frankness, but this is insufficient. Humility is also required. The East has humility, but honesty is also required if it wants to become perfect.