An inner duty and an outer duty

Each member of the United Nations has an inner duty and an outer duty. The inner duty is to pray and meditate and the outer duty is to serve and dedicate. All those who are working at the United Nations are serving the United Nations and the world according to their capacity. But 'capacity' is a very complicated word. Although we know how to spell it, although we know its dictionary meaning, we do not know the actual secret or true wealth of our capacity; we do not know how much we can do for the world.

Our capacity goes far beyond the flight of our imagination-bird. We have been given the unparalleled opportunity to serve this world-body and world-soul. Political history right now may not value us, and it may not value us even in the future. But there is something called spiritual history. Spiritual history will bear witness to what we are doing. In spiritual history, our love of light, our love of truth, our love of brotherhood, our feeling of oneness, will be inscribed in letters of gold.

It is not for world-recognition, but to help bring about a better world and a more fulfilling life that each of us has to do something. We have to give ourselves consciously, constantly, unreservedly and unconditionally.

Let us not miss this opportunity. If we miss this opportunity, we shall miss much, for we shall have to live in a poor and blind world, as we have been doing up to now. But if we consciously dedicate ourselves to the supreme cause with our aspiration, prayer, meditation and devoted service, then in and through us will grow a better world, a more illumining and more fulfilling world.

It is a great opportunity that all of us here have to serve not only the body and the soul of the United Nations, but also the living breath of humanity and God's constant, glowing, dream-fulfilling Reality.