Ole Algard

Ole Algard, UN Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Norway, with his penetrating insight and life-elevating vision, speaks very highly of the new consciousness that U Thant introduced at the United Nations: “It happened that, during his tenure of power as Secretary-General, we saw a great transformation in the world. And we saw another thing to which U Thant greatly contributed, which was the creation of a new consciousness, a consciousness that went much further than the small, petty political problems we were dealing with in the fifties and sixties. This had to do with a respect for the underdog. Today we are witnessing the results of this new consciousness that Secretary-General U Thant so greatly helped to introduce in his work at the United Nations. We see today a world where the old colonialism is, for all practical purposes, gone, and where the interest and political energy is now geared towards finding a better world where the underdog and the unprivileged will prevail. I think this is the greatest legacy that the great man U Thant has given to the United Nations and to the world at large.”