Mr Donald Keys

U Thant’s service to the United Nations and his dream for mankind will forever flourish, irrevocably affirms Donald Keys, a very good friend and genuine well-wisher of U Thant. Mr Keys, who is UN Representative for the World Association of World Federalists, declares: “U Thant was one with the soul of the United Nations, which is the soul of mankind. He lived and worked for the enlightenment, freedom and unification of mankind in all that he did. Out of his own divinity he created a bridge between humanity and the Supreme — the Father of us all. His service to man is not ended with his passing, because it will persist forever, proceeding out of his own spiritual stature. It is only universalised, transformed to a greater and more powerful dimension. The touch of sadness in his going comes from his own sadness that he was unable to serve more, do more, to be received more fully by mankind. We will all endeavour to take up more effectively the little part that we may play in realising his dream of human enlightenment and liberation.”