U Thant the peace-educator

Peace is a universal hunger. Each individual needs peace right from the cradle to the grave. When the young generation acquires peace, the teeming problems of the world will not remain problems any longer. The young generation will unite the old and the new with its dynamic achievement: peace.

Peace spreads, peace flows, peace becomes, peace is. In the domain of the vital, peace spreads. In the domain of the mind, peace flows. In the domain of the heart, peace becomes. In the domain of the soul, peace is.

Peace spreads its illumining beauty. Peace flows with its satisfying delight. Peace becomes perfection. Peace is Immortality’s infinite treasure.

U Thant the peace-educator teaches us: “One of the great tasks of education all over the world is to educate the young for peace because, on the question of peace, no man of good will can be neutral.”