U Thant the champion of human dignity

Dignity is not a philosophical dream. Dignity is not an expression of ego’s aggrandisement. Dignity is a supreme necessity if we want to touch each other, feel each other and realise each other on a higher level of consciousness.

U Thant the champion of human dignity says:"… The dignity and worth of the human person is not merely a philosophic concept. It is, and should be, a working principle of human existence guiding our daily lives. Every human being, of whatever origin, of whatever station, deserves respect. We must each respect others even as we respect ourselves. This, as the sages of many lands have taught us, is a golden rule in individual and group, as well as international, relations.”/

When we show our dignity, we bring to the fore our divine capacities. When others show their dignity, they also do the same thing. In the expression of dignity, all of us bring forward our inner, divine, illumining and fulfilling capacities and we triumphantly arrive at a higher goal which has been the aspiration of human beings from time immemorial. The sages of the hoary past offered us this sublime vision, and now we are trying in our own age to transform this vision into concrete reality.