Faithful son and fruitful father of the third world

U Thant had a cosmopolitan heart. Impartiality was one of his names. His modesty, kindness, sacrifice and oneness have made him Eternity’s treasure.

What he wanted for mankind was happiness. From where? From a self-disciplined oneness-heart.

He was an emblem of the ideals of justice. Sublime was his spiritual message to the world at large: “Give totally what you have; become what Truth-satisfaction eternally is.”

His heart made him feel that he was of all and for all. Most sincere was his effort to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, between the strong and the weak, between the unlit human beings and the illumined human beings.

It is most astonishing how God played in and through him the role of an untiring and faithful son of the third world and, at the same time, unfailing and fruitful father.