Sri Ramakrishna pays full price

One day Girish went to Dakshineshwar with some friends to visit Sri Ramakrishna. Sri Ramakrishna said to him, "Girish, I liked your play about Sri Chaitanya. I found it so real. I was deeply moved by the performance and the feeling of Sri Chaitanya's life that you created. I want to go to your theatre again. This time I do not want you to give me a free ticket. I want to pay."

"All right," said Girish, "then the price is eight annas."

"Eight annas you charge for that damn seat!" said Sri Ramakrishna. "Eight annas I have to pay? I need a better seat."

"Definitely we shall give you a much better seat," said Girish.

"Then I am ready to give you one rupee," said Sri Ramakrishna.

"If that is what you want to give, I will accept it," was the reply Girish gave.

Now look at this! The first time Sri Ramakrishna went to the theatre, Girish gave him the ticket for free. The second time he accepted money from Sri Ramakrishna. God knows, perhaps this was all Sri Ramakrishna's affectionate joke with Girish. Sri Ramakrishna wanted to pay and Girish wanted to take some blessing-money from Sri Ramakrishna.