God is the Doer

The world is full of suffering, pain and ignorance. Since God has created us, we say, “Let us put all the blame on Him; it is His fault. God created rascals like me on earth; let me blame Him.” But do we get any satisfaction by blaming, insulting and finding fault with God? Instead, let us try to see if there is any meaning, if there is any purpose in the world.

To do this, we shall first ask the physical. But the physical won’t be able to answer. Then we shall ask the vital. But the vital also won’t be able to answer. Then we shall ask the mind. Instead of answering, the mind will only create infinite confusion. Finally we shall ask the heart. Unfortunately, if the vital enters into the heart, then the heart will not be able to answer adequately. But if the heart remains pure, then the heart will be able to tell us that there is some purpose. What that purpose is, the heart won’t be able to say. The soul will tell us that God is evolving in and through the world. He is the sufferer and He is the enjoyer; again, He does not suffer at all. He is enjoying Himself in countless ways in His divine Game of Manifestation.

If some result is not according to our satisfaction, we shall not blame God, nor shall we blame others. We shall not even blame ourselves. We will only say that we did what we could and that this is the experience that God has given us. In life there can be only one of two experiences: success or failure. If we take both failure and success cheerfully, then we get a real divine experience. Experience is what we need. If we do something good, often we expect something good. If we do something bad, we are always worried that something bad will come to us as a horrifying experience. From now on, if we play our role divinely, we can easily be detached while being full of concern. But if we don’t play our role divinely, then no matter what the result of our action may be, in God’s Eyes we will not be successful.

We make mistakes and the world also makes mistakes; that is why we suffer. Now, when we do something, let us be clever and say that we are not the doer; somebody else is the doer. If we have to put all the blame on God, let us do it in this way. Then let us make our heart wide, magnanimous. Tomorrow, when we feel that our enemy has done something wrong, we will say, “No, it is not he who has done it; it is God.” Your enemy is not to be blamed.

In that way we shall not blame ourselves and we shall not blame others who are doing wrong things. We shall put all the blame on God. In a few months’ time, we will notice that there are many good things that we do. Unconsciously we do many bad things and unconsciously we do many good things. When we do good things and also when others do good things, we shall say that it is God who has done it. When others do something good, it is so easy to say at that time that a third person has done it. Now that third person is God. So in this way we shall let God be responsible for our bad actions and good actions and for others good and bad actions also. We will see that God is not only the Doer of our good and bad deeds, but also the Doer of others’ good and bad deeds.