Part III — Talks

Where do I live?10

Where do I live? I live in my heart. I live in my heart-muscle. I live in my heart-cave. I live in my heart-room. I live in my heart-home. I live in my heart-palace. I live in my heart-universe.

When I live inside my heart-muscle, I go back to the stone age; I embody my stone-consciousness.

When I live inside my heart-cave, I sing only one song day in and day out. I sing the song of I-ness: I, my, mine.

When I live inside my heart-room, at times I open my windows and see the world around me, but I am afraid of welcoming the world. I am afraid that whomever I allow to come in may be an intruder; therefore, I do not allow anybody to enter into my heart-room.

When I live inside my heart-home, I allow the members of my immediate family and my friends to come inside. Together we play, together we mix, together we throw ourselves into multifarious activities. But my heart-home is only for in near and dear ones.

When I live inside my heart-palace, I welcome only big celebrities, famous people, great personalities. I invite them to come into my heart-palace to receive some inspiration-light to offer to their many admirers and followers.

Finally, when I live inside my heart-universe, I feel the Presence of my Beloved Supreme constantly. Out of His boundless Bounty He appears before me and I see His Face. Him I see with my human eyes. Him I feel with my human heart. I ask my Lord Supreme to grant me His constant Blessings. He says that He has already granted me His Blessings infinite. He tells me to give Him what I have and what I am devotedly, soulfully, unreservedly and unconditionally. I give Him what I have and what I am: ignorance. He, out of His infinite Compassion, gives me what He has and what He is: Delight in infinite measure.

VSC 11. 2 October 1978, 2 p.m., University of California, Irvine, California