My Ignorance14

My ignorance is my excuse. Is it justifiable? No, never! My ignorance is my excuse. Is it pardonable? No, never! My ignorance is my excuse. It is changeable? Yes, it is!

What is my ignorance? My ignorance is my unawareness of my source, the golden orb. My ignorance is my negligence of my inner duties: the transformation of my nature, the perfection of my life and the satisfaction of my Beloved Supreme.

My ignorance is an excess of fondness for the earth-bound fleeting time and my total indifference for the Heaven-free immortalising life. My ignorance is that I do not claim my Beloved Supreme as my own, very own. I do not dare to become His choice instrument. I remain in the meshes of ignorance.

My Beloved Supreme can forgive me, forgive my ignorance. But I shall not and cannot forgive myself and my ignorance, for inside the depth of my ignorance what looms large is my ingratitude. My Lord Supreme, out of His infinite Bounty, has always been trying to give me His Eternity’s Love, Infinity’s Delight and Immortality’s Life. But I do not accept His divine Boons. Everything I shall forgive but one thing: my ingratitude.

VSC 15. 4 October 1978, University of California, Santa Barbara, California