The heart, the mind, the vital and the body9

The heart flies, the mind sighs, the vital cries and the body dies. Why, why, why, why? The heart flies precisely because it loves. What does it love? It loves oneness — oneness within, oneness without, oneness with the Inner Pilot — its Beloved Supreme. Just because it loves oneness, and just because it loves its Beloved Supreme constantly, unreservedly and unconditionally, it is able to fly at every moment in the firmament of all-illumining Conscious-ness.

The mind sighs precisely because the mind suspects the rest of the world. It suspects the world within and the world without. Finally, to its wide surprise, it suspects its own reality-existence. Suspicion is poison. It is a poison that spreads all over the domain of the mind. Finally, this poison corrupts us, our mind. The mind sighs. It recognises its folly, the height of its folly, and then it heaves a heavy sigh. The mind is failure itself. The vital cries. It cries for name and fame. It cherishes a quenchless thirst for name and fame. It wants to remain all the time in the desiring world. Always it wants something more than it has achieved. Either by hook or by crook, it always tries to have something more. It proves to be a veritable beggar — always crying for something and always dissatisfied with what it has and what it is. A beggar right from the beginning to the end, it cries. Shamelessly it cries. Constantly it cries for something more, for a little more name and fame. And when it achieves something, it is still not satisfied. It wants something else. Nothing pleases the vital. Therefore, the vital cries.

The body dies. Why? The body does not aspire. It always wallows in the pleasures of ignorance. It does not want to budge an inch. Lethargy is another name for the body, the body-consciousness. The body does not move. It does not want anything from either the inner world or the outer world. It feels no necessity to achieve anything. Always it is satisfied with its limitations, with its weaknesses, with its shortcomings, with its failures and deplorable defeats. The body is always lethargy-prone, and it does not want anything. Just because it is lethargic, just because it is always wallowing in the pleasures of ignorance, the body dies. There is no longing for heavenly realities — for truth, light, peace or beauty. So the body dies. The body that we are referring to here is the physical body.

There are many human beings on earth who physically live for a long time but do not aspire. They take physical exercises or they make friends with the Mother Earth and the cosmic energy. Unconsciously they draw energy from the Universal Consciousness, but they do not aspire. If an individual does not aspire, if his soul finds difficulty in illumining the body, or in aspiring in and through the physical body, then we call him a dead soul. But the spiritual body will always aspire. Inside the Atman-life it discovers a Heaven-free life, the life that is birthless and deathless at the same time.

There is another member of our earthly and heavenly family, and the name of that member is the soul. The soul is an exact prototype of our Inner Pilot. It embodies in quintessence all the qualities and capacities that our Beloved Supreme has and is. The soul sails its reality-boat in the Eternity-river. It sails the boat between Immortality’s life and Infinity’s beauty and delight.

Each individual seeker has the capacity to listen to the dictates of the soul. When the seeker listens soulfully to the dictates of his soul, he eventually grows into the very image of his Beloved Supreme.

Where is God? Who is God? How to realise God? All these questions can easily be answered when we listen to the dictates of the soul. With ritual prayer and meditation we can dive deep within and hear the constant message of and from the soul — the perennial message of Light, Truth and Bliss. Through our prayer and meditation we can embody Peace, Light and Bliss in infinite measure and then, like the soul, we can also enjoy Immortality here on earth as we enjoy it already in Heaven.

VSC 9. 1 October 1978, 8:00 p.m., San Diego State University, San Diego, California