My Adventures In The Snow

Yesterday the funniest thing happened. I went out for a walk at six o'clock in the morning. There was snow everywhere. At one point an old man opened up his gate. The gate was blocking the sidewalk. I approached the gate and then I started to cross into the street. The old man saw me and said, "No, no. The street is very dangerous. Please stay on the sidewalk. I am closing the gate." He begged me not to leave the sidewalk. Then he closed the gate. I was very happy.

I continued on my way. When I walk alone, I have very, very good meditation. I enter into the other world, my real world. Suddenly, I saw the soul of one disciple coming for blessings. Then I took three or four steps and raised my head. I saw that somebody was standing on my left side. I turned around and I saw that it was this same disciple. He was standing with folded hands. I said to him, "Your soul came to me just four seconds ago!"

9 February 1996