Why Am I So Weak?

This morning I walked on my running track at Aspiration-Ground. First I did 50 metres two times wearing a vest that weighs 100 pounds. Then the boys put another vest on me. I thought that it was my 70-pound vest. I was supposed to walk 100 metres two times, but I was having so much difficulty. I could not understand why I felt so weak. I came back and rested in my chair. Then the boys told me that this vest was 112 pounds. No wonder I felt so weak! Then the boys put on my real 70-pound vest. What a difference! After this experience, the boys have marked the weight on the outside of the vests so that there can be no mistake.

Finally, I wore my 40-pound vest for two laps, plus I carried our little puppy Chela. He struggled the whole way!

6 June 1994