Lord Krishna's Blessing

While I was walking during the meditation at PS 86, during my third round I was seeing Lord Krishna playing on the flute. He went this side and that side. I was walking one way and he was walking the other way. How beautiful he looked, and how soulfully he was walking!

What was the reason? About an hour before, I invoked him to come and bless my dog Chela on Chela's birthday. He blessed the dog there at my house while I was feeding him. Chela's name was given to him by Lord Krishna. I gave him the name Dil, but Lord Krishna did not like it, so he changed the name.

Then tonight Lord Krishna came on his own while I was walking. I was in my highest, walking and meditating, and Lord Krishna was playing his flute, his soul-stirring flute. These are not my mental hallucinations. One day your third eye will also open up and you will see that everything is true. Lord Krishna was playing his flute and blessing us all.

Today was Lord Krishna's day. Many, many times when I walk, the spiritual Masters walk with me. Here in this school, they bless us all. That is why I am giving so much importance to the meditation when I walk. Please try to remain in your highest. That will be a great achievement for me and for you as well.

21 March 1998