The Ascent And Descent Of Consciousness

How consciousness ascends and descends! This morning I forgot to take a towel for myself when I went out to walk. I desperately needed one, so one of the boys went out and bought me two small towels. Then I appreciated him and extolled him to the skies. He was very happy.

The next moment, his consciousness descended! I asked him to go and bring prasad. I looked at his face and I saw such hesitation on his face. Here I was appreciating and admiring him and the next moment he was showing such hesitation. I thought that perhaps he had no money, but I know that you all believe in credit cards. So I asked him what was wrong. He said that in his mind he wanted to go out for a run, and that is why he felt sad that he had to go to the store.

Previously, he developed such sympathetic oneness with me that he literally ran to get towels. Then when I appreciated him, his consciousness descended. His oneness only lasted for a few fleeting seconds.

Like this, everybody goes up and down, up and down.

28 March 1998