Savitri's special tree1

This is another tree story. In Flushing Meadow Park there is a particular tree when you enter into the park. Once our Vancouver Centre leader, Savitri, fainted there. She had run or walked to the park to join our sports activities. Then she fainted. What is worse, her soul left the body. Sri Chinmoy happened to be there. I knew that she had died. The soul was in that particular tree. It was not a huge tree. By God's Grace, I brought her soul back into the body. Then she lived at least six or seven years more.

In those days, we used to have our races at a course in front of the Tennis Centre. Usually I would run or walk to the races from my house. When you enter the park, there is a small parking lot. Right across the street this tree is located. From my house, it is at my two-mile mark.

Now, each time I pass by that tree, I invariably see Savitri's soul on one branch at the top of the tree. Any time I go, I see her soul. That is the place where she passed away and then came back again into the land of the living. The soul does not stay there all the time, but the soul has left a very deep impression at that place. When Savitri's soul left the body, it was something very significant. Similarly, when I saw Anita hiding near the tree, she was going through some significant changes in her life. When something very serious happens, that particular place keeps a record. Otherwise, every day when I go out, I see so many people. Today I saw Nilima, Agraha and the two Russian girls. But if something happens of a very serious type, it remains permanently there.

  1. WCB 45. 28 August 1998