Corn or blueberry muffin?1

Early this morning, at five o'clock, I walked to Queens Boulevard. As I approached the courthouse, I became very thirsty. I said to myself, "Let me finish my two miles and on the way back I will eat or drink something."

I went to my two-mile mark and I was coming back. After 500 or 600 metres, I saw a man standing there selling doughnuts and drinks. At least two hundred people were standing in a queue in front of the courthouse. They were very polite; there was no screaming, no riot.

I was more thirsty than hungry. Then hunger also attacked me. I took an apple juice. Daily I drink apple juice. Then I saw some nice doughnuts. My favourite is coconut. Inwardly I was saying, "Here I am desperately trying to lose weight. How can I think of eating a doughnut? Yesterday I took a solemn oath not to go off my diet and now another hostile temptation-attack has come!"

But my hunger was too strong. I surrendered. I said, "Again, there is tomorrow. I will be serious again tomorrow."

So I took the drink and I was about to tell the vendor to give me a doughnut when I saw at another place five or six corn muffins. An American man and I were standing practically together. He said to me, "Let me take mine first."

But the vendor was an Indian like me. He said to me, "Take, my Indian friend."

I do not know who the vendor is, but he was Indian. Then the American said, "I, too, am Indian."

"Says who?" asked the vendor. Then he served me first.

I said, "I would like to have a corn muffin." There were five corn muffins and one blueberry muffin. The vendor said, "You are asking for a corn muffin, but you are pointing to the blueberry." I looked and I saw that he was correct.

Then the American said, "Look, he does not know the difference between corn and blueberry muffins!" That was my experience at around seven o'clock.

  1. WCB 83. 30 October 1998