Question: How can we know God's Will?

Sri Chinmoy: In order to know God’s Will convincingly, we have to meditate most soulfully and reach our highest state of consciousness. When we are in the highest state of consciousness, we will see that we have gone far beyond the domain of the mind, and the dance of thoughts has completely stopped.

Then, if we want to know if a certain idea or message is from God, the answer will come in a very soft, subtle voice or it will be written in a column of light inside our heart, which we will be able to read.

After discovering God’s Will, if we are still in our highest consciousness, we will not be affected regardless of whether the message is encouraging or discouraging to our mind. If we are in an ordinary consciousness, we have preconceived ideas about what is desirable and undesirable. If the message says that we will be successful, then we are happy; but if the message is perceived by our mind in a negative way, then we will feel miserable. But once we are highly developed, even if the message does not appear favourable, we will not be disturbed. After knowing God’s Will, we can go one step further and cheerfully accept God’s Will.