Question: What is your opinion of those religious sects which fight with other sects in the Name of God?

Sri Chinmoy: I feel very sad when religious sects quarrel and fight in the Name of God. If they really love God, they will not kill others in His Name. Love means oneness. If we have oneness, how can we fight? We fight only because we do not feel love for others, because we have not yet transformed our ignorance into oneness-reality.

In our own being there are many members — the body, vital, mind, heart and soul — and we claim all of them as our own, very own. The body, too, has so many parts, but when we want to achieve something, all the parts work together. In exactly the same way, when we want to do something good for mankind, then all the religions can and should work together. All the world’s faiths — which differ in appearance but in essence are one — must work together.

Since we all have the same Source, we all have the same ultimate destination. No matter which path we take, eventually we will arrive at the same destination. Since “all roads lead to Rome,” and we are all heading ultimately to the same Source, it is ridiculous to fight against others who are following different roads. Some people may choose a very short and direct road, while others may take a longer route. Some may want to fly while others are content to walk, but the destination is the same.

When all religions work together, they can achieve something great and good for both God and humanity. It is the collective prayers and good will of the seekers and followers of all the world’s religions that will bring down the highest Love and Compassion from above. And it is only God’s Love and Compassion descending into humanity’s heart and life that can change the face and fate of the world.