Question: Which is the most beautiful prayer: the prayer of praise and beseeching, where man sees God as omnipotent, or the prayer of acceptance — "Thy Will be done"?

Sri Chinmoy: The prayer “Let Thy Will be done” is infinitely more beautiful, infinitely more illumining and infinitely more fulfilling than a prayer of praise and beseeching.

In our prayers, when we appreciate, admire and adore God’s infinite capacities and qualities, unconsciously or consciously we hope to get some blessingful reward or boon in return. In a sense it is like we are trying to flatter God, and in return we expect something.

But when we say, “Let Thy Will be done,” it means we have become fully aware of our measureless limitations, incapacities and ignorance, and are aware of God’s measureless Compassion, Concern and Love for us. Because of our fathomless ignorance, we admit that we do not know what is good for us. We realise we may ask for the wrong thing, which instead of helping or satisfying us will only make us miserable. So we ask our divine Father, who loves us infinitely more than we love ourselves, to take control of our lives and make the decisions for us.

When we humbly offer our earth-bound will to God’s Heaven-free Will, we feel that we are a tiny drop entering into the boundless ocean and becoming inseparably one with the ocean. The ultimate goal of each seeker is to achieve infinite Peace, infinite Light and infinite Bliss, and this can be done only by fulfilling and pleasing God the Omniscient, God the Omnipotent and God the Omnipresent in His own Way.