Question: Are we ourselves meditating in the heart, or is God meditating through us? Are we like a vessel that God fills with His Consciousness and Knowledge, which then becomes ours? Does this bring us to union with God? Christian mystics describe an 'empty' state that God can fill with His Love, making His Home in our consciousness. Is this similar to what you are saying?

Sri Chinmoy: When we are not highly developed, we think that we are meditating in the heart. But once we are more developed, we feel that it is God who is meditating in and through us.

I fully agree with the Christian mystics. They use the term ‘empty’ and I use the term ‘receptive’. Unless we feel that our heart is empty, how can it be filled with peace, light and delight? It is like a football before it is filled up. Once we fill it with air, it becomes an instrument to play with.

Similarly, when we are receptive, then God’s divine qualities can enter into us. Once we are filled with good and divine qualities, at that time God can use us as His divine instruments.