Question: Teilhard de Chardin spoke of an irreversible law of progression towards perfection. Do you agree with this optimistic view?

Sri Chinmoy: I fully agree with Teilhard de Chardin. In the process of evolution each individual is making progress, and continuous progress ultimately leads to perfection itself. Perfection has to be the goal of each and every individual — perfection of the inner life and perfection of the outer life — for it is in perfection that satisfaction abides. Perfection is both humanity’s hope and Divinity’s promise. In the union of humanity’s hope and Divinity’s promise are the seeds of perfection-realisation on earth and fulfilment-satisfaction in Heaven.

When we dive deep within, we clearly see that not only are individuals progressing, but God’s creation as a whole is also progressing. Everything that exists is making progress. Even God the Infinite, God the Eternal and God the Immortal is progressing; He is constantly expanding His own Infinity, Eternity and Immortality. Continuous progress is the supreme Goal of His Transcendental Vision and His Universal Reality.

God the Creator is progressing in and through God the creation, and vice versa. God the creation says to God the Creator: “I have what You need from me — aspiration.” God the Creator says to God the creation: “I have what you need from Me — Satisfaction.” It is when earth’s ascending cry meets Heaven’s descending Smile that perfection-satisfaction becomes a reality.