Question: What is the difference between the meditation of the heart, spiritual concentration and contemplation of God?

Sri Chinmoy: Let us take spirituality as a huge book that deals with a great many subjects. Three of the main subjects are concentration, meditation and contemplation.

Concentration is one-pointedness. When the seeker concentrates, he focuses his attention on something tinier than the tiniest, and eventually acquires tremendous will-power.

Meditation is another subject. When the seeker meditates, he meditates on something vaster than the vastest in order to acquire infinite peace, infinite light and infinite bliss.

The third subject is contemplation. In contemplation, the seeker feels that God the Lover and God the Beloved are one. At one moment God plays the role of the Beloved Supreme to bless, illumine, transform and immortalise the seeker. The next moment He plays the role of the divine lover in the seeker to elevate the seeker’s consciousness so that the seeker can realise the ever-transcending peace, light and bliss of God’s own birthless and deathless Vision.