Question: In your writings, you describe an episode in your life where you met or talked to the King of the Universe. Was it a subtle inner vision or could you see Him with your physical eyes? Were you in a meditative trance, or were you in an ordinary consciousness? What did the King look like?

Sri Chinmoy: I was in my highest meditative trance, my highest consciousness, when I saw the King of the Universe and had this most soulful and powerful conversation with Him. I saw Him with my third eye, which is called the vision-eye. This eye exists between the two physical eyebrows and slightly above, but only those who have the intuitive faculty can see it.

It was a subtle inner vision. In that vision He appeared before me in His Transcendental Form. He was all gold — a beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful being — infinitely more beautiful than I can ever describe! In that particular vision I called Him the King of the Universe. But now I usually call Him the Supreme.

Previously I could only see Him with my third eye. But my Beloved Supreme, out of His infinite Bounty, has given me the capacity to see Him with my ordinary human eyes nowadays.